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For the Business Owner

Business Owner

  • Are you thinking you need to rely on the assigned government right-of-way agent to plan your relocation?
  • Most right-of-way agents are good competent people who are professionals at what they do. Most are NOT out to cheat anyone, but they have a job to do and the fact is they might not be looking at it from your point of view. Wouldn’t you like to have an expert in YOUR corner?

  • Did you know hiring a qualified relocation consultant of your own was an eligible relocation benefit to you under the Federal Uniform Relocation Act (URA)?
  • That’s right. In the right circumstances, most or all of Martyn Daniel’s fees are refundable to you under your relocation benefits. Check it out.

  • Is your business(s)properly documented to qualify for relocation benefits?
  • If not, Martyn Daniel can help get your ducks in a row so there’s no question about it.

  • Do you know the mistakes others have made when relocating under the URA?
  • After 21 years in this business, Martyn Daniel has seen it all. Give him a call – he tells some amazing stories.

  • Do you understand the eminent domain process and your local public regulations?
  • Do you know the appeal process to pursue if/when your relocation claim is denied?
  • Again, after 21 years, I have the knowledge and experience you need. I have resolved a LOT of situations which others thought were impossible.

    Call us for a free 15-minute consultation. I can answer your questions!

Martyn Daniel Eminent Domain Specialist