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If you are an eminent domain attorney you will have the daunting responsibility of preparing and managing the assignments and schedules of consultants and experts to meet the needs and demands of the pending condemnation trial in your effort to find the property’s true just compensation, overcoming an opposing appraisal, offer, or counter-offer. At the same time, you are representing a public agency with their concerns for budget and schedule, or if representing a private party you’re consoling your client’s worries and expectations while they are experiencing a loss of their income property or family property, and being forced to relocate their livelihood or their family.

For your success, you will want a team of proven successful, self-sufficient consultants and experts that will place both you and your client’s interests at the forefront to achieve a successful outcome for your client, which creates your success. Martyn Daniel teams with attorneys and their appraisers to manage their client’s difficult challenges when facing replacement costs for real property improvements, costs to cure damages to the remainder property when there is a partial taking, and relocation of the business or family.

Whether working on the side of the property owner, occupant, or government agency, our goal is to find the nuances of each unique situation and successfully demonstrate the true costs and opportunities for the client to succeed as well or better than they did before the property taking. For those having to relocate, we determine the costs for relocating the business or family, determine relocation benefits that will cover the relocation costs, and find opportunities that a potential new location will offer a displaced person. We have hundreds of successful stories in these matters that we bring with us and would enjoy combining our successes to enhance your future successes.

Martyn Daniel Eminent Domain Specialist