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Eminent Domain Definition

What is Eminent Domain?
What is Condemnation?

Martyn’s definition – Your right to government funds to help you succeed as well or better at another location.

The common definition – Eminent domain is the term given to the inherent power of the state (meaning any public agency) to seize a citizen’s private property, without the owner’s consent. In most cases, the government agency will condemn the property and purchase right-of-way to use it for a public project for the “greater good.”

For property owners and businesses, eminent domain can be a complex and confusing process. If you receive a Notice of Intent to Acquire, it is important to understand that the government is not necessarily looking out for your best interests. To get a fair and equitable compensation for your land, you will benefit from finding an expert who can shine a light on all the facts and uncover the details that will help find the true value of your property improvements or business relocation.

Martyn Daniel Eminent Domain Specialist