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“Where a structure on a client’s property must be partially demolished and then restored to functionality, we need an expert like Martyn who can study the problem and tell us how much it will cost to “cure” it. Martyn uses his construction and estimating expertise to get us accurate costs so our client gets just compensation.”

– Larry Smith, Attorney

“A thorough and concise advocate”
“Martyn has a unique set of skills and expertise in business relocation and re-establishment. His successful navigation of the guidelines had resulted in increased compensation for our clients.”
“Martyn is well-spoken and straightforward in discussing complex issues.”

– John Paul Turner, Attorney

“Our business was in the path of the Monorail. In a difficult and challenging business relocation, Martyn couldn’t have done a better job. He found other possible sites for relocation, got the bids and presented the costs for each and throughout it all, he was pleasant and easy to work with. I would recommend Martyn to anyone facing a business relocation.”

– Don Lindblad, President

“The net benefit in moving/relocation allowance from DOT was almost $250,000. I doubt I would have gotten half of that without Martyn.”

– Mark Holzemer, President

Martyn Daniel Eminent Domain Specialist