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Public Agencies

Expert support for public agencies:

If you work for a public agency that deals with eminent domain and condemnation issues, you know how important it can be to get the cooperation of the displaced business. But it’s not always the easiest thing to do.

Martyn provides relocation and advisory services for a wide range of government agencies. Following the guidelines from the Uniform Relocation Act, and public agencies such as FHWA, FAA, FTA, and FTA, he has successfully relocated hundreds of businesses.

Resolving complex relocation challenges:

Martyn is highly experienced in resolving complex relocation problems. He has a passion for finding solutions to unique challenges, including projects with difficult personalities, cultural and language barriers, and business owners with tight, inflexible schedules.

Martyn has special expertise in working with business owners in difficult and stressful situations. Many times, he has turned around a business owners attitude from complacent, non-communicative—or even legal or physical threats—to a working relationship that makes the relocation more successful for both sides.

Preliminary Reviews:

Martyn can also provide estimated relocation costs as needed by the public agency for budgeting, determining alternate right-of-way alignments, and changes in the existing planned right-of-way.

Providing the detailed data you need:

With Martyn, you get detailed information, including spreadsheets for tracking relocation costs and payments, as well as additional documentation to support relocation claims required by the governing agencies.

Martyn Daniel Eminent Domain Specialist