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Business Relocation Consulting Services:

Don’t settle for merely surviving your business relocation. Let Martyn help you make it an experience that actually improves your business. Using a systems approach that results in increased relocation benefits, he has helped businesses get settlements ranging from a few thousand dollars all the way to $20 million or more.

The guidelines that apply to your eminent domain business relocation provide funds to hire a professional to help you develop a relocation plan. Your plan is an important tool, a roadmap to a successful move, one with minimal disruption to the normal operation of your business.

Martyn has helped hundreds of businesses plan and carry out successful relocations. He’ll help you:

  • Plan your relocation based on which costs are reimbursable to you
  • Design a plan to fully use the relocation benefits provided by the public agency
  • Work with the public agency that is displacing your business
  • Provide detailed documentation of costs so the agency can fully reimburse you
  • Help you find ways to use your benefits to improve your business
  • Develop a feasibility study when appropriate to find the most suitable relocation site

Martyn is responsible for most of the work to achieve a successful relocation for you, so you can focus on managing your business’s normal daily operations. He will prepare preliminary designs and construction estimates when necessary and coordinate follow-up architectural and engineering designs as needed. He prepares the bid documents and secures competitive bids from contractors and vendors for the relocation work.

While each business relocation is unique, a network of support people and resources are needed to assure a successful move. If you let the public agency’s relocation agent control your move, they will most likely coordinate the commercial mover’s activities, but it will be up to you to handle all the other details. Dr. Bauman explains this in his story of relocating his dental practice where he relied on the government agent –  Surviving Eminent Domain: Be Proactive!

When Martyn works with you, he’ll coordinate every piece for as seamless a relocation as possible. He also works with the public agency to get most, if not all, of your costs reimbursed with your available relocation benefits. Depending on your needs, Martyn will work with:

  • realtors
  • designers: architects, engineers, etc.
  • surveyors (if needed)
  • equipment appraisers
  • building contractors: general contractor, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, etc.
  • specialty equipment and/or machinery movers
  • specialty equipment suppliers
  • printer
  • sign supplier/installer
  • phone supplier
  • phone installer
  • phone and data cabling contractor
  • computer installer (IT)
  • furniture vendor

As the complexity of the relocation issues increases, so does the need for additional resources. Don’t let all these details overwhelm you. Martyn will use all his experience to coordinate the entire relocation for you. He’ll even see that his fees are part of your relocation benefits.

Martyn also coordinates with the public agency, realtors, designers, contractors, and vendors to make sure your replacement location is properly prepared and ready for you by your move-in date.

Preliminary Review:

Martyn offers preliminary reviews and cost estimates of cost-to-cure and relocation issues for single or mulitiple properties for use in attorney/consultant proposals, impact analysis, and project planning. Call Martyn for more details.


Martyn speaks on relocation topics to continuing education law seminars, displaced businesses, law firms, and other interested groups.

Have you already relocated?

If you have relocated within the past 18 months, Martyn can compare your actual relocation costs to the reimbursements you received to be sure you got all the benefits you were entitled to.

Martyn Daniel Eminent Domain Specialist