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Join Me for Easements and Rights of Way in Montana

easements-and-right-of-wayWhen easements and rights of way are condemned causing an occupant to move or modify the use of personal property, state and federal procedures apply. Learn more about who is eligible for relocation benefits and the top 5 categories of relocation benefits within state regulations and Federal Uniform Act. Find out what you can do as an eminent domain attorney, appraiser, or right-of-way professional that will improve the results of your work.

Please join me The Seminar Group’s upcoming seminar on Easements and Right of Way, Friday, November 18, 2016,  Missoula, MT.  You can register here.

Attention Eminent Domain Attorneys: 2 Significant Ways to Build a More Robust Service Offering for your Clients

Attention Eminent Domain Attorneys 2 Significant Ways to Build a More Robust Service Offering for your ClientsThe better that we anticipate the needs of our clients and meet those needs by applying all of the resources available at our disposal, the more successful we – and our clients – will be. There are key ways that an eminent domain attorney can augment their services to better protect the interests of private property and business owners. A more robust service offering will set you apart from other attorneys and demonstrate to your potential clients that you are the best possible attorney to manage their case.

#1 Add Value to your Practice by Including a Business Relocation Consultant on your Team

You can add additional value and benefit to your clients when you team with a business relocation consultant. When brought in early, my services can direct your client along a course that will produce better results and considerable advantage to your clients.

Add expert relocation consultation to your client offering to avoid client disappointment. Consultant services can save your clients significant out of pocket, non-reimbursable money. Federal relocation guidelines don’t automatically guide businesses to the best relocation results. Each business relocation must have some level of analysis performed to distinguish between personal property and real property. It’s essential to determine the proper amounts and best methods for receiving relocation payments from the public agency while following the relocation guidelines.

Preparing appeals, planning relocation logistics, and orchestrating and coordinating the actual move itself toward maximum efficiency and minimum client downtime are examples of how business relocation consultation can add value to your attorney services and your clients.

#2 Enhance your Service Offerings with the Addition of Preplanning Services

You will benefit from offering preplanning services to prospective clients because you will be offering a more complete package than any other attorney. Preplanning services provide you with something to offer the client right away, while other attorneys are in a holding pattern. This offering will increase the chances of securing the client’s business.

Preliminary planning services for vulnerable businesses that are being displaced can result in thousands of dollars in savings and reimbursements for your clients that often otherwise go unclaimed. Preplanning a business relocation while following relocation guidelines based on the Uniform Act can greatly improve the outcome of the relocation. Taking appropriate action can result in improved relocation reimbursements received from the displacing public agency, frequently in amounts of twice or more. In many cases when the business becomes eligible for relocation benefits, the relocation consultation services are eligible for reimbursement within the relocation guidelines.

Preplanning gives a business the opportunity to guide the public agency’s decision-making process as they determine the eligible relocation benefits. Preplanning a business relocation refers to planning before the business has received their notice of eligibility for relocation benefits and before the public agency’s offer has been made on the real property.

Preplanning differs from relocation planning or Move Planning, as it’s described in the Uniform Act relocation guidelines. Relocation Planning is performed after the business has been determined eligible for relocation benefits by the agency but before the business actually moves.

Your extended services will help to ensure fair compensation for your clients’ losses. These services are quite unique within eminent domain industry. By augmenting your professional services to include the expertise of my business relocation consultancy, you can set your practice apart from that of other eminent domain attorneys. If you wish to discuss this further or should you have any questions, or comments, please contact me.