15 Things Guaranteed To Accelerate your Eminent Domain Practice

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15 Things Guaranteed To Accelerate your Eminent Domain PracticeBuilding your eminent domain practice and accelerating your firm’s growth is within reach. There are ways to add value and benefit to your clients by augmenting the services that you currently have on offer, helping you and your practice to stand out from the crowd. Including a variety of specialized services will build your business reputation, set you apart from the competition, and quickly accelerate your business. Here are 15 examples that can add value to your practice and start pushing your business forward today:

1. Liaise with an expert who can follow relocation guidelines based on the Uniform Act with intimate knowledge.

2. Avoid client disappointment by adding a seasoned relocation consultation to your client offering. Their expertise will work to guide the process so that your clients are able to avoid much of the potentially extensive out of pocket, non-reimbursable money they would otherwise need to spend to relocate their business because of a public project taking their property.

3. Steer the direction of your clients’ case from an early stage to produce better results to the business/property owner that you’re working with.

4. Perform a thorough analysis to differentiate between personal property and real property. Because federal relocation guidelines don’t automatically guide businesses to the best relocation results, each business relocation should have an analysis performed to make the distinction between personal and real property.

5. Determine the proper amounts and best methods for receiving relocation payments from the public agency while following the relocation guidelines.

6. Make cost-to-cure services a part of your client offering.

7. Add preliminary planning services to your service offering. For those businesses that will be displaced by a project, preplanning can result in thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in cost reimbursements for your clients that often otherwise go unrecognized and unclaimed.

8. Provide services that can be extended to your clients right away to break out of the usual holding pattern. Preplanning services provide you with something to offer the client right away, while other attorneys have to wait to get the ball rolling. This offering will increase the chances of securing the client’s business.

9. Improve efficiency preparing appeals, planning relocation logistics, and orchestrating and coordinating the actual move toward maximum efficiency and minimum client downtime.

10. Increase the amount of time for evaluating and making critical decisions. This can be accomplished through preplanning.

11. Extend replacement property evaluation or feasibility services to your clients to outline the best of the potential replacement properties.

12. Guide your clients through the process of determining relocation benefits that will and will not assist them with making a potential replacement property functional for the business.

13. Pre-plan relocations to establish time for preparation of plans that will minimize downtime with the use of relocation benefits.

14. Save your client out of pocket expenses because of a rushed move, lack of choices, and excessive key employee time spent on the relocation. Proper preplanning sets the stage for the actual relocation, saving your clients thousands of dollars, helping to build your trusted relationship.

15. Put your client’s best foot forward while working with the public agency representatives. Teaming with a preplanning specialist will demonstrate to the public agency your high level of organization and knowledge. With the right preplanning, you can avoid the misinformation that usually causes the process to derail and veer off in a direction that can be costly to your client’s business.

The 15 important items on this list can all be achieved by liaising with a relocation consultant. Including an expert on your team who specializes in the services outlined here can be of extreme benefit to your clients, and certainly to you and the way that you structure your practice. Offering preplanning services to prospective clients creates a more complete package than what other attorneys, appraisers, and other eminent domain professionals offer.

I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have on this matter or other eminent domain and condemnation matters you may want to discuss as they relate to relocation and cost-to-cure. Please contact me either by phone by email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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